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Jazz Bastard Podcast 150 - Let's Get Experiemental
October 03, 2018 Patrick Burnette
Crazy, daddy-o - it's an episode devoted to experimental music. The boys start things off by interviewing Sarah Bernstein, who discusses her career in music, her various ongoing groups. and her new album Crazy Lights Shining. Afterwards the boys plunge into some hard-core experimental instrumental music, to see just how whiny Pat can get (spoilers: very), and then finish by discussing a Rudy Royston release that has an odd front line but is still the most straight-ahead session on offer. Sarah Bernstein – CRAZY LIGHTS SHINING; Rudy Royston – FLATBED BUGGY; Thrainn Hjalmarsson - THE INFLUENCE OF BUILDINGS ON MUSICAL TONE; Andrew Bernstein – AN EXPLODED VIEW OF TIME .
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