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Jazz Bastard Podcast 144 - Butterfly Meat Wheel
July 11, 2018 Patrick Burnette
At Mike's suggestion we check out some lesser known - and lesser loved - projects by major jazz artists, from the MOR sellout of Bill Evans' "Plays VIPs" to Duke Ellington's fantasia on jazz history and domestic violence, "A Drum is a Woman." After the main event is over, stay tuned for half an hour of wide-ranging talk on the Lovecraftian rock opera "Dreams in the Witch House" - unless you fear for your SANITY. Thelonious Monk – MONK’S BLUES; Bill Evans - PLAYS THE THEME FROM V.I.P.'S AND OTHERS; Freddie Hubbard – SING ME A SONG OF SONGMY; Duke Ellington – A DRUM IS A WOMAN.
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